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Chornobaivka tour

С какого вы города
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699ГРН 1000
% Горящая скидка
699ГРН 1000
% Горящая скидка

Chornobaivka tour will take a place straight after the victory of Ukraine in the war. All the pre-sale money will go to support Ukrainian forces and partisans in south of Ukraine, and to help residents of Chornobaivka and occupied Kherson.

Мем про Чорнобаївку
Chornobaivka became the real Bermuda Triangle for Russians.

You will know all the facts, chronology, myths, as well as learn about the legendary Mayor Chernobaev.

It worth knowing
Chornobaivka village and international airport are located near Kherson. That is exactly the place where Russian army was smashed in dozens of times. Loads of memes, songs, even legends appeared because of successful actions of Ukrainian forces. So many helicopters and ammunition was buried here, that Chornobaivka airfield became one of the symbols of this war.

No one knows when this war will end. This tour is dedicated to inspire faith in our victory, to call for unity, and bring liberation of entire Ukraine from the rashizm.

Tour program

  • Meeting point is in city-hero Kherson Local guide who went through the occupation, will meet you at a cozy coffee shop
  • Transfer to Chornobaivka Let’s see first-hand all the hurt and humiliation of Russian army, what’s left of the command post; let’s touch the wounded ammunition; and let’s hit the helicopter toys with the letters «Z» and «V» in the shooting range
  • Museum «Chornobaivka: from 1:0 to victory» Here you will learn the truth about the quantity of the called shots and dead Russian officers and generals; why Russian commanders were cursed in Chornobaivka, and who was the one who hit them with such a success! We will honor the heroes at the memorial
  • Lunch at the grill restaurant Fried Katsapchik Menu: kulish «Steppe Bairaktar», cutlet minced in Chornobaivka style; dessert «Hey Hey Rise Up». Tasting of the local spirits: shots «Fuel of Armed Forces of Ukraine», «Accurate artillerist», «See Chornobaivka and die»; local wines «Sweet Arestovich» (famous adviser of Presodent Zelenskiy), «Kim Mykolaivsky» (governor of Mykolaiv region)
  • Free time Communication with locals about known events. You can join them in village restoration

Tour cost

699 UAH (20 USD) for one-day excursion. Discount for the kids, volunteers, combatants.

  • until the end of the war, all the funds raised will be used to purchase the ammunition, equipment, tactical medicine, and to help those who are under the occupation still.
  • after the war, part of the money will go to rebuild the village.

Purchasing the tour is your voluntary donation to the Victory of Ukraine!

Price includes:

  • assistance of the local guide
  • entrance tickets to the museum
  • lunch at the restaurant
  • transportation

Price does not include:

  • metal detector rental (100 UAH for 15 minutes)
  • puzzle- souvenir “Complete the moscal “, 200 UAH.

It’s recommended to take

Metal detector and demining shovel for artifacts searching under the supervision of an experienced assistant; 200 liters plastic bags; respirator would be nice too.

Photos and and memes

Among tones of Chornobaivka memes, we choose the best ones!


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